Digital Contract fabrics

Digital is a slim and elegant fabric with a slender cotton-like character. The pattern is based on an interplay of pixels as we know them from the digital world. This material is made in the special polyester fibre Trevira CS. It has built-in flame-retardant properties and is suitable for environments with special cleaning requirements. With respect to both colour range and quality, Digital can be combined with Argos. The new highlights are the orange, mauve, clear blue, and not least the green colours. These optimistic colours will play an important role in interiors in the years to come, not only in schools and hospitals, but also in offices where the strong colours supplement the neutral ones and can be used to demarcate an area such as a lounge or a canteen. Digital is washable at up to 60 degrees and Oeko-Tex certified.

Weight: 460g/m


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