Senso Vinyl


Senso is specially equipped for the medical sector. Equipped with an antiviral equipment according to ISO 18184, the vinyl protects against feline corona viruses up to 99%. It is particularly suitable in the medical, hospital, rehabilitation, property and high-frequency areas such as transport, workplaces, shools and shops.

By using special ingredients, this vinyl is additionally and permanently protected from bacteria, odours, mold infestation, algae, biofilm and pink stain and is antibacterially equipped according to Biocidal Regulation (BPR) EU 528/2012. In addition, Senso is antimicrobial, skin-irritation free, non-cytotoxic, oil-resistant, UV-resistant, free of formaldehyde, long-lasting, light-fast, weld-resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, salt water-resistant, skin-compatible and bi-elastic for easier processing.

Weight: 670g/m²