Setting new standards

Our permanent search for improvement and our affinity for perfection in details bring always an increasing of our assortments. The challenge is the persistent change in style and colors, and the continual adjustments of the technical specifications of our Vinyl to a healthy environment. In doing this, we orient our process to the increasing quality standard and cost awareness of our customers. We support our clients in their search for a perfect quality and individual requirement.


Additional Info


In case of persistent stain, do not use abrasive cleaner, as it is damaging the surface of the Vinyl, and the material will be stiff and cracky

We recommend for cleaning our sensational Vinyl cleaner, article Nr. 800x301 as a set with brush and very soft microfiber cloth, and for disinfection we do recommend our fast disinfection cleaners article Nr. 800x221 and .800x222.

These products are specially tested for our qualities.